How to keep your thigh high boots from slouching

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I love thigh highs, they are definitely a must have for the fashionista.  However, there is a common issue when wearing some of them, they slouch as you walk.  I have tried so many different things, like wrapping the string around the boot, which is effective, but cuts off my circulation or even just wearing them over jeans.  But what happens when I want to pair it with my mini skirt or shorts?  After some research, I found this solution:  Fashion Glue. Use fashion glue to keep the boot from slipping.

Fashion glue is often used in pageants and fashion shows to prevent closes from riding up.  It is sold in places like Walgreens and Walmart.

Directions: Roll onto skin, apply generously & wait 10 seconds. Pull boot up, place on top of rolled adhesive and press firmly to secure. It’s best to wait a few minutes for adhesive to adhere. To remove, gently pull clothing away from skin & wash with water.

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