Black Design Collective

Black Design Collective

The fashion industry has many barriers and as a black fashion designer, one could find it hard to break through.  But recently, there is a new catalyst in the mix.  WWD reports that, Black Fashion Designers, Angela Dean, Kevan Hall, TJ Walker (One of the founders of Cross Colours) and the award-winning costume designer, Ruth Carter forms a black fashion organization geared to become a driving force to promote the advancement and success of black fashion designers called the Black Design Collective ( (How cool!!!)

“We wanted to specifically focus on black talent and we wanted to really support the black designers in a specific kind of way.  The CFDA is does an incredible job.  We wanted to focus on some of the needs that the black designers might have within the business world.  There might be ways to strategically help them find financing, factories and resources, and really navigate the world of fashion,” Hall told WWD.  

The organization begins with a collection of affordable membership dues, reducing the financial barriers that many black designers may have to become a part of this project.  Primary Members (designers in the business for five years or more,) annual dues are $50 for the first year; Associate member dues are $40, Affiliate membership dues are $30 and student membership dues are only, $20.  

In my opinion, this is long overdue.  There is a need for an organization to help black designers in the fashion industry.  In order for there to be equal opportunity, there needs to be a level playing ground where black designers have the same access to resources and information that other designers have.  

CEO/Editor-In-Chief/MBA, Carol Moda is a not your average fashionista. Creator of Stilo Magazine:: Style Diary, Carol Moda has proven to be a trend setter in one of the most challenging industries in the world.

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