Fashion Beyond Miami

Fashion Beyond Miami

FLL Fashion Week proves that the South Florida fashion scene is not only in Miami.  FLL Fashion, one of two major fashion productions in Broward County is scheduled to start Mid-March.    

FLL was founded by Flourentina West, a Model desiring to build her own platform after experiences in the Miami fashion scene.  For another subsequent year, FLLFW is solidifying a strong stance and redefining the direction of where the industry is going….global and inclusive. 

This year FLL FW features designers such as Sharon OSP a fashion house based in Miami.  While there has been different opinions about fashion in both Broward and Miami-Dade, fact is, the South Florida Fashion Industry is becoming a staple city.  The different events around provides a chance to see different talents from all over.  FLL Fashion Week feeds our desire to see more fashion and right in our own back yard.

CEO/Editor-In-Chief/MBA, Carol Moda is a not your average fashionista. Creator of Stilo Magazine:: Style Diary, Carol Moda has proven to be a trend setter in one of the most challenging industries in the world.

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