In collaboration with FLL Fashion Week 2020, SSD interviews a special selection of featured designers expected to showcase during their runway shows.  Check out this up close and personal interview with Stephanie Ruiz

SSD: How long have you been designing?  How did you start?

SR: About 10 years, It’s all about passion, I used to live in Peru and make Pop Ups every once in a while in Ecuador ,after some time I received an invite to be part of Ecuador fashion week And the opportunity to make an extra degree in China, so there I felt in love with fashion even more.

SSD: What Inspired you to become a designer?

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SR: I have always been very creative and passionate. Letting my mind free to create with fabrics it was amazing, so I started with fashion.

SSD: How have Your Culture influenced your vision for your collections?

SR: Every Culture has its own beauty, in my Sport Luxe line from the Kaleidoscope collection we have Ecuador Jungle nature in my prints, with this concept we wanted every costumer to experience wonderful nature details on it. It’s very important for me to keep it in mind and be very proud of my culture. However, I always fusion my style adjusting it to the demographic area I target to sell respecting other cultures too.

SSD: Fashion Designers are often influenced by another designer.  Would you say that is true about you?  If so, what designer have influenced your creative vision.

SR: Totally!! I am very inspired by Carolina Herrera, John Galliano and Rocky Gathercole however, for this new collection and kept calmed the bold designs making the prints to be the main art in this collection. This collection is sophisticated and sporty at the same time.  We will see what is to come with it…

SSD: Describe the woman that would wear your clothing.

SR: For my clothes there is no range of age or size to wear my collections. It’s all about attitude, my brand is for sophisticated woman that wants to feel sexy, attractive, and comfortable at the same time. Comfort and quality is very important in my designs, my women enjoy being themselves and dress for themselves enjoying outstanding having an exclusive piece on.

SSD: Describe your current collection.  What colors, textures, fabrics, patterns will for this season?

SR: It’s a collection inspired in lifestyle and an athletic look. From street to Gym.
You will see a lot of scuba and organza with silk in SPORT LUXE. There is an Incredible beauty in small details that people is too busy to pay attention so I wanted to pop those details making them feature for this SPORT LUXE collection, in this case its nature, so my main textures are macros of mushrooms, cracked earth, stones and feathers, putting together photography, art, nature and design. I make my own fabrics in a very cool way watching all this natural beauty from a Kaleidoscopic View to make the patterns. All the fabrics have the kaleidoscope technique on the prints.

SSD: One of the questions being asked to the industry is whether there “fashion weeks” should continue or not?  What are your thoughts?

SR: Of course, yes! Fashion weeks let designer show their artwork, and views and fashion followers to get to know different trends, designers and people. We use fashion in our everyday, each person is mixing their taste of fashion and style. It’s a great opportunity to show and view creativity.

SSD: What do you love the most about participating in fashion week?

SR: It’s a door to let people see your passion and concept. Let’s me blow my mind putting a concept together and transmit the same feeling to viewers. For FLL fashion week I have put it in JR Pros hands to make this amazing show to happen and my ideas to come true, this incredible team, has been working carefully and very hard in every single detail to make it happen on an incredible way. I am very happy for this coming show in Miami and to Launch this new line in USA.

CEO/Editor-In-Chief/MBA, Carol Moda is a not your average fashionista. Creator of Stilo Magazine:: Style Diary, Carol Moda has proven to be a trend setter in one of the most challenging industries in the world.

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