Funkshion Forever

Funkshion Forever

I remember the first time I went to a Funkshion Event in 2011.  It was always a “must go see” kind of event.  If you are in Fashion in Miami, chances are, you have attended.  When Mercedes Benz Swim Week exited Miami, a couple years ago, there didn’t seem to be a dent in the atmosphere during mid-July.  In a matter of fact, there seem to be an increase in activity.

2017 Funkshion “The Retreat”, proved that the foundation of Miami Swim Week was still there.  Funkshion have become a staple of Miami Fashion, fusing Fun, Music and Fashion together.  In a world that is so serious, Funkshion, as always brings a light.

One of my favorites from the retreat was “Issa de Mar,” a swim wear line designed by two designers from Oahu:  Marissa Eveland and Melissa Jasni.  The line featured black, earth tones, nudes with an elegant modish flair.

Funkshion?  I love Funkshion, amongst the other events during Miami Swim Week.  Question is, what will we expect next year?

CEO/Editor-In-Chief/MBA, Carol Moda is a not your average fashionista. Creator of Stilo Magazine:: Style Diary, Carol Moda has proven to be a trend setter in one of the most challenging industries in the world.

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