Alvin Ailey Dance Theater opens in Miami

I had the honor of attending Alvin Ailey Dance Theater’s opening night perfomance at the Adrienne Arscht Ziff Ballet Opera House last night.  Honestly, didn’t initially think about it, but it was an amazing way to start Black History Month.  The different performances to me were personal.  There were very little words said, but I felt every movement on the inside.  The show began with a performance where the music mentioned, “I am still here.”  As I watched on, I nodded my head in approval because yes, “I am still here.”

The amazing Alvin Ailey Dance Theater was at Miami hitting the stage with a killer show. It grabbed everyone’s attention. A spotlight shone on this classic piece they danced called “Revelations,” which is liked a lot and seems to always get people thinking and feeling things.

When the show started, it felt like the dancers took us to another world, full of real feelings and top-notch creativity; the way they moved was so in sync, combining power with elegance, and they made us feel all sorts of things. We saw stories through their movements.

As I watched “Revelations,” it was clear these dancers nailed every move; they showed struggling and wins that people have in such a precise way; this dance they do was put together extremely well and makes it clear how savvy Alvin Ailey was and why he’s still an important in dance.

“I don’t trust anyone quite like Guido when it comes to hair,” Kaia says to camera, on set with Guido. “It’s always so fun to

work together and he makes me feel confident to experiment. “Every time I’ve made a rash decision to cut my hair, it’s

been with you, and you’ve done it for me,” she continues, while experimenting with the products.

The dancers really connected with the tunes and with each other, pulling the crowd into this inspiring, sort of spiritual tenor; there were gospel and blues homesick tunes that made everything feel more moving and memorable.

The outfits were full of different, shout-out colors and made everything pop more; they made characters come alive in a real way. And when “Revelations” reached the final blowout part, everyone in the location was on their feet clapping like crazy.

The whole first night show for the Alvin Ailey Dance Theater in Miami was something you’d not forget anytime soonit worked its charms on all the feels and showed off the way art leaves its mark on us. And that evening, it was like the audience and dancers were one, all done in by the magic of the dance and the powerful message of “Revelations.”

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