All Female DJ’s Aim Change Their World in Shanghai

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Around the world, equality is a common denominator.  In Shanghai, there is a group of women who has joined the fight against bias and unfairness through night life.  Lhaga Koondhor (a.k.a. Asian Eyez), Amber Akilla, and Daliah Spiegel are founders of the all-female DJ Collective, NVSHU. The origin of NVSHU which is inspired by Nüshu, an exclusive script used by the women in…

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Spike Lee Reassures Fans, after Netflix “She’s Gotta Have it” Cancellation.

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“There may be a chance where we can find another home, but it has to be the right home,” Spike Lee tells fans as he reports the decision of the cancellation of his spin-off series, “She’s Gotta Have it” on Netflix.   On Wednesday, July 17, 2019, a representative from Netflix confirmed the decision to cancel the series.  Since then, reactions…

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