Florentina Leitner’s ‘L’Autrichienne’ F/W 24′

The fashion designer from Austria, Florentina Leitner, showed off her new Fall/Winter collection for 2024 called “L’Autrichienne.” It’s inspired by that old-time queen, Marie Antoinette, like how she was portrayed in that movie by Sofia Coppola. It’s got the characteristics you’d associate with a lady who was really into looking good, like sparkle–but not too much, dogs, and ribbon decorations—giving off a tenor of someone classy and confident. Every piece in Leitner’s line shows off her signature style—real fancy fabrics teamed up with elements that are more up-to-date. You’ve got these T-shirts with Poodle prints on ’em and trendy biker jackets paired up with velvet touches and some fake fur, mashing up flashy items with modern-day goes. The whole collection really feels like you’re in a marvelous fashion story a bit deal with a fun twist to it. You’ll see light pinks put together with shades of gray and cream that add a sort of playfulness to the mix. Then there are outfits finished with this hat with three corners, straight out of those old, fancy Baroque paintings. Leitner throws in some bold animal print pants, long overcoats, and skirts that reach the middle of your legs.

“l’autrichienne” Video: Jens Burez

The clothes in the new line are inspired by that famous film by Sofia Coppola and they give off a modern Marie Antoinette tenor – think a stylish and confident lady who’s into her dogs, loves cute bows, and a dash of sparkle; this mix of antiquated style with today’s trends makes the collection really special and cutting-edge yet has a classic feel to it. You can see Leitner’s style in all the pieces, making them flow together nicely and perfect for the colder months that are on their way. It’s a collection that’ll definitely grab people’s attention and is also really classy.

The materials they picked for the clothes are top-notch, combining really decorative elements with items you’d see in your everyday fashion. There are T-shirts with Poodle prints and motorcycle jackets coming in fancy velvet, jazzed up with fake fur. You get these outfits that take the best from 18th-century fancy wear and mix it with today’s fresh styles, plus quirky patterns to make it all fun but still focused on looking good. And for the shoes, Leitner got together with the sneaker brand “ATCROX” to design these sneaker sets – one has girly pearl beads in velvet and the other’s got sparkly silver – paying homage to the style back in Marie Antoinette’s time in the court.

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