Berlin Fashion Week A/W 24′

Berlin Fashion Week, running from February 5th to 8th, features an impressive lineup of unique styles displayed in wonderful places across the city, and it’s going to introduce a new part of the event that everyone will see for the first time.

In two weeks, Berlin is going to turn into the hotspot for fashion with fresh designers coming onto the scene as well as some well-known creators showing their newest work. The official plans for the week have been released not too long ago and have added some really interesting things to look forward to on top of the already exciting fashion shows and other happenings. One big new part of the fashion week is called ‘Intervention,’ which is drawn by a Berlin and Milan team known as Reference Studios and is the brainchild of founder Mumi Haiati. This new piece has support from the city’s economic department and will launch on Monday, the 5th of February. They’re keeping the location it’ll happen under wraps–but they’ve let slip that it could be at an old, important-looking former store in Neukölln, a part of Berlin.

‘Intervention’ is aimed to be a fresh runway where designers from Germany and from around the world can come together and showcase their work as a legitimate part of Berlin Fashion Week; there are going to be fashion shows, product reveals, art things, pop-up shops, and displays all organized inside this wonderful building. Brands such as Anonymous Club, Gerrit Jacob, and back2back (the works of Yolanda Zobel & Marcelo Alcaide) are going to be part of this feature. Plus, the German brand LUEDER is going to mesh with the Intervention side of things on the 7th of February, to show off what next gen Berlin style looks like.

On Monday, February 5th, here’s what’s going at the fashion show:

– Gerrit Jacob’s own clothing line at 12 PM.

– At 2 PM, wonderful pieces by Yolanda Zobel and Marcelo Alcaide back-to-back.

– Then, at 8 PM, clothes by Anonymous Club.

There’s an area they’re turning into ‘MALL OF ANONYMOUS’ managed by someone named Shayne Oliver. It’s a mix of a location to show off Anonymous Club’s things and a spot for different brands to join in, like Olly Shinder from London; they want it to be a funky, shopping experience where art and buyable things are mashed together.

And there’s more happening the following day with Private Dinner, who is appearing this unique Valentine’s event in Berlin – only if you’ve got the golden ticket, though.

Recently, they added more buzz to the whole thing. A spot ‘Der Berliner Salon’ is focused on Karen Jessen showing her clothes at Feuerle Collection in Kreuzberg on a special date. And, Jessen isn’t just any designer — her clothes look like actual art.

Another highlight is the F.A.Z. Fashion Reception. It’s basically where important German fashion and media people meet and share ideas.

And there’s an event, SBLMTN Studio Phygital Fashion Showcase, that’s putting on this show mixing real-life designs spiced with digital magic, including funky avatars ; that’s happening on the 7th of February.

To wrap the Fashion Week up, there’s an enormous party on the 8th! STUDIO2RETAIL and STUDIO183 are joining to invite everyone. It’s sure to end the whole event on a real upbeat note.

CEO/Editor-In-Chief/MBA, Carol Moda is a not your average fashionista. Creator of Stilo Magazine:: Style Diary, Carol Moda has proven to be a trend setter in one of the most challenging industries in the world.