Tenique Designs @ FLLFW

Exciting news alert! We’re absolutely thrilled to share that we’ve partnered up as official media allies with Fort Lauderdale Fashion Week. As part of this thrilling collaboration, we’re all set to showcase the incredible talent of their fashion designers right here on Stilomag.com. So, mark your calendars and keep those eyes peeled for some fabulous updates!

In our latest endeavor, we had the pleasure of conducting an email interview with the esteemed jewelry brand, Tenique Designs. Dive into their insightful responses below

SSD: Tell me about your brand.

Tenique Designs has existed for more than a decade and we have been designing for Teniquesters who are classy, sophisticated, confident, and not afraid to show their personalities. We are known for designing body jewelry and playing with chains in a way that complements our curves. We use crystals, pearls, gemstones, and chains to make accessories that are long-lasting, bold, unique, and often versatile. Nothing says bold and unique like transforming your accessories in different ways.

Our favorite thing is to design custom accessories that resonate with our Teniquesters’ personalities. We believe we are all unique and should always own it, even in how we dress. Our accessories accentuate our outfits and speak for us before we say anything.
We hope to inspire women to show up as their best selves by expressing their personalities through unique jewelry designs.

SSD: When did you start designing?
I started designing in 2011. I attended a Michaels jewelry making class, with the sole purpose of making my own jewelry. I just didn’t like to be seen in what everyone else was wearing. Once I started wearing my designs, I would get custom orders and from there I decided I wanted to make jewelry for my Teniquesters who love to be unique.

SSD:  What inspired you to become a designer?
The idea that we all are different and truly empowered when we own who we are is what inspired me to become a jewelry designer. I love seeing a design in my head come to life. It makes me believe that anything is possible.

SSD: What’s your most memorable moment as a fashion designer?
I can’t sum this up in one moment. I have memorable moments every time I create a custom order and I see the smiles on my Teniquesters faces. When I create the designs and I love them, that’s okay, but when my Teniquester loves it so much she wants to wear it every chance she gets? Now that’s priceless.

SSD: Tell me about this collection?
The spring/summer 2024 collection is called Bold Blossom. It will feature bold, eye-catching designs with a few vibrant colors and light gemstones. There will be a lot of large chain links and floral components in the designs. I hope it will inspire us all to embrace the vibrant hues in life and let our boldness shine through.

SSD: What is the creative inspiration behind it?
The creativity behind Bold Blossom comes from the spring season. Thinking of the way flowers blossom and how caterpillars start turning into butterflies. I think of it as the rebirth season, of how we can truly own who we are and be bold about it. For Bold Blossom, I was intentional about using larger linked chains to communicate that boldness. The creativity also comes from envisioning a confident woman and how she wouldn’t be afraid of stepping out into all the world has for her.

SSD: Do you feel runway is a key element for fashion brands?

Runway is a key element for fashion brands. It is that one moment people get to see what you are capable of. For a few minutes, all eyes are on your brand and you inspiring people to tap into their creative side and picture their best self in your designs. The runway opens doors and gives you opportunities to work with so many people outside of your circle.

SSD: Why FLLFW?  What made you choose to become a part of this Fort Lauderdale Fashion Stable Event?

For a while, I’ve seen photos and videos from FLLFW events, and they inspired me to take that next step in building Tenique Designs. I also hope to gain exposure in a different city and work with new talent. As a designer, I get inspired and even more creative when I try new things. I want more people to see what I have to offer and hopefully inspire them to be their best selves and truly represent who they are. Cheers to the new Teniquesters I will meet at FLLFW.

CEO/Editor-In-Chief/MBA, Carol Moda is a not your average fashionista. Creator of Stilo Magazine:: Style Diary, Carol Moda has proven to be a trend setter in one of the most challenging industries in the world.